Our Team


Dave Bachman

Dave and Linnette graduated from Vandy in 2005 and enjoyed it so much that they wanted to stick around for a few more years. They often sing conversations to each other instead of talking--more fun that way.


Bill Miller

Bill & Jen both graduated from the University of Tennessee and met when Jen went for a spur-of-the-moment rollerblading adventure in the apartment parking lot (now that's romantic!). They enjoy time with friends, cooking good food, and seeing God create beauty from brokenness!


Edgar Voltz

Neither this Alabama boy nor this Oregon girl dreamed they'd fall for someone from the opposite end of the country, but God brought them together at the University of Alabama. They plan on spending their time in Nashville finding new favorite restaurants, exploring the music scene, and helping students grow closer to God.

Molly Jenkins

Molly was drawn to ministry early in high school and was later attracted to The Navigators' vision through her husband and Vanderbilt grad, Christian. Molly is an artist and a photographer, while Christian counts and analyzes everything he sees.


Dylan Musser

Dylan Graduated from Belmont University in May of 2019. He is passionate about loving his wife, God’s word and helping others to understand God’s word for themselves!


Barbara Santana

Barbara is from Miami, FL and graduated from Vanderbilt in 2018. She loves listening to, learning about, and creating music and feels blessed to be ministering to students in Music City.